20 February 2017

From Bad To Good - Two Games, Two Very Different Outcomes

Two games of X-Wing played.

The first. A complete fiasco. A performance that could only be described as piss-poor. Over thinking the game on the drive to the venue, visualising the battlefield for terrain placement and how to go about playing tactically, worrying about facing enemy ships that I've never faced before. The result; I psyched myself out before I'd even rolled a dice.

Troop placement was wrong. Troop movement, wrong. I managed to fly into my own ships time after time, or end up with my models having nothing to shoot at. Then I fly a ship straight into an asteroid and blow it up - first casualty. A brief return of ability saw me last a while longer before my second ship was gunned down. To cap it all off I ended the game by mistakenly flying my last model off the playing mat, and losing the game.

I won't even go into the fact that I kept forgetting the simplest of rules during play.
So, with plenty of time to spare, we played a second, smaller game.

Boba Fett, in a Firespray-31, against Chewbacca, in a YT-1300. And my gaming couldn't have been more different to the first game. Precision flying between asteroids. Correctly predicting arcs of fire and good decision making. My dice rolling was top drawer as well, and I managed to win the game. Not that it didn't come down to the wire, however. My manoeuvring had seen me 'flying' my spaceship to the edge of the limits. I played it so that it would all come down to a final attack - destroy Chewbacca that turn, or I would be definitely flying off the table next round. Luckily for me I destroyed Chewbacca. We did test the manoeuvres that were open to me and every one would have seen my model overlapping the table edge and losing the game. Talk about a complete change of luck.
The next game should be a trial run of (WW1) Wings of Glory on Friday night.

31 January 2017

A Long Time Ago ... (well, last night, actually)

Last night was my latest trip over to the Redcar Ironbeards club. Another game of X-Wing - 100pts, again. But this time a win.

I'd learnt from my previous use of lower Pilot Skill choices that the small, Light Interceptor ships I favour just get shot down too quickly if they fire second. So I made sure that last night they would fire first. Oh, I also used Boba Fett. Boba is quite the useful model to use!
Ian was the opponent last night, with his Rebel Alliance. He used plenty of ships, but only the one upgrade purchase and only the one high Pilot Skill model (the B-wing). 
The first couple of turns went excellent for me. Both forces raced to contact - though I forgot that I should have been hanging back to use my Torpedoes - and my dice rolling was exceptionally good. Soon, both of Ian's T-65 X-wings were without shields and very low on Hull points, they were staring destruction in the face - if only I'd then blown them up. Doh! 
My first use of the larger ship-based Boba Fett provided me with the opportunity to get him completely out of position. Way out there, on his own, he was no aid in the firefights. Luckily, I got him there in the end. 
For this game I'd 'beefed' up my Light Interceptor fighters to the extreme: +1 Hull with the "Heavy Scyk" Title and +1 Shields with the "Shields Upgrade" Modification. Eventually both of the M3-A Scyks were destroyed, but not before causing a lot of damage to the Rebels. 

I also got my first taste of the Ion Cannon, from Ian's Y-wing. Pretty annoying, to be honest. He caught me out of position, without being able to shoot him down first, and it became a slow bleeding out as I took hit after hit that I couldn't counter. 

In the end all we had left, between us, was one ship apiece. Ian with his 'Ion Cannon Turret' Y-wing, and me with Boba Fett. Boba being stuck in the asteroid field and needing to carefully plan his course through the space rocks, lest he take damage (as all he had was 4 Hull left). If it hadn't of been for the Firespray-31's Auxiliary Firing Arc (allowing the primary weapons to shoot to the rear, in this case) Boba would have been a sitting duck. But alas, for Ian, it wasn't to be and Boba struck, blowing up the last remaining Rebel. 
Victory! Just.

Here's my Squadron build:

Serissu - 20pts                                 [M3-A Scyk]
Shield Upgrade - 4pts
"Heavy Scyk" Interceptor - 2pts
Proton Torpedoes - 4pts

Tansarii Point Veteran  - 17pts [M3-A Scyk]
Shield Upgrade - 4pts
Veteran Instincts: 1pt
"Heavy Scyk" Interceptor - 2pts
Proton Torpedoes - 4pts

Boba Fett - 39pts [Firespray-31]
Glitterstim - 2pts
Crack Shot - 1pt

I'm not going back to the Redcar Club for a while, now. So it remains to be seen if I manage to get in any games in the meantime.


28 January 2017

These are the voyages...

The model shown is a repainted NCC-1701-A USS Enterprise from the Wizkids Star Wars Attack Wing game. 

I'll be honest and admit that I've no idea what movies or television shows this spaceship featured in, nor if I've got the colours correct. I'd best buy the Star Trek: Star Date Collection - The Movies 1-10, and see what I've been missing. 

I enjoyed painting the model, though. 
It is probably more grey than it appears in the films. I was toying with painting it off-white (as I had no very-light grey to hand), but settled on a paint mix I managed to make and I'm happy with the result.
The writing is obviously hand-painted. I did paint it a lot smaller, and it looked excellent, but it was in the wrong place. Doh! So I had to repaint it, larger, where it is now. It is the best that I can do, that is all that I'm going to say about it.
More of the same, but from another angle. 
Yes, yet another different angle shot.
I quite like this last shot. Two Constitution-class ships together - an 'Improved' Constitution-class, NCC-1701-A, leading in an older ship from the smaller, original class of ships. At least that is how I'll tell it in my games ... Who lets the facts get in the way of a good story, after all. Or the inconvenience of Wizkid's models varying in size when they shouldn't, etc.

24 January 2017

100pts of X-Wing at the Redcar Club

Another visit, another game of X-Wing. More points played, however, and against Imperial this time.

Still got beat. I did manage to shoot down a TIE fighter, though, and damaged another critically. But the Pilot Skill 2 Interceptors I'm using (a third of my total force strength) just get shot down too fast to be able to cause damage, or the TIEs with their Agility 3 managed to evade my "Mangler" attacks.

Six TIEs, all with named pilots and skills, weren't too much of a handful, however. And once I got down to my last two ships the game really slowed down, as I kept managing to predict where the TIEs would fly and so kept my ships flying away from the TIEs firing arcs - and having the advantage of two ships firing against only one TIE, most of the time.

Another useful game, where I managed to glean more experience.
 Next week its 100pts of Scum & Villainy versus Rebel Alliance.

19 January 2017

Shapeways Bird of Prey - Predators of the Klingon Empire

When purchasing for my Klingons (for use with Star Trek Attack Wing) I ended up with the I.K.S. Rotarran Bird of Prey model, of which I wasn't happy with its size when placed alongside the two Vor'cha ships I possess.

The Bird of Prey vessels are meant to be much smaller than the larger Vor'cha ships, so having a Bird of Prey far larger than its two companions looked daft. So I bought a 3D Printed Model from Shapeways to replace the offender. 
(the original I.K.S. Rotarran model will still see use, as it is of a size that works with several of the 'smaller' ships I have - but this new model will be the one used in fleet battles involving the 'larger' capital ships.)

It was the first time that I'd used / bought from Shapeways, so I didn't know what to expect. But it couldn't have been more easier. Join up on the website, purchase the item you want (PayPal or Credit Card payment), the item will be manufactured (in this case, it was made at Shapeway's Eindhoven, Netherlands, facility) and then shipped (48hrs courier via UPS). It took less than 7 working days.
The new model joins it's brethren (or should that be sisters?!) Glued to a spare flight peg, and slotted onto the original I.K.S. Rotarran base. It just needs painting, now. 
(the model will represent K'vort and B'rel -classes of ships where needed)
Below you can see the Attack Wing Bird of Prey (nearest camera) and how it is far larger than anything else.